Smartcard transit expands in UK

Smartcard program aims to revive British public transit.

Smartcard transit expands in UK

Residents along England's southern coast may soon have a more convenient way of navigating the region's public transit system. Officials from Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton hope to collaborate on a new smartcard initiative that will manage fares electronically.

The project is one of several recent applications of the technology to be modeled upon London's popular Oystercard. City officials believe that the simplicity and convenience of the new system will revive public interest and increase ridership on the local network of trains, buses and ferries.

"Advantages include people being able to pay the way they want to, when they want, such as choosing to buy for a month ahead or as a standard single fare when they board," Portsmouth city councilwoman Pam Turton told The News.

According to the Daily Echo, the $39 million bid is still be negotiated between local representatives and contractors. When the deal goes through, the technology will undergo trial applications on the region's bus network. If successful, the smartcard program would be expanded to all forms of public transit by the end of the decade.

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