New smartcard public transportation system coming to South Africa

The new smartcard system will be used for public transportation

The new smartcard system will be used for public transportation

Aconite Technology announced a new partnership with Traderoot Africa earlier today in which Aconite will license its smartcard technology to Traderoot for a plastic card payment system.

The program will allow public transportation riders to use contactless plastic cards to pay their fares. The system will replace the current cash-only method of paying for the public transportation. Traderoot hopes the new smartcard system will drive down costs and speed up boarding times while cutting down on fraud and theft.

The project is scheduled to go live this summer. Traderoot will circulate 50,000 cards at launch, with an additional two million cards going into distribution over the next 24 months. It anticipates 10 million cards will be in use after three years.

"The product fit has been exceptional and is in line with our technological road map, enabling us to quickly respond to local and international requirements for innovative chip solutions," said Marcheck, director of Financial Services at Traderoot.

According to the Ottawa Sun, a similar contactless smartcard system may be used to access the city’s public services, like transportation and public libraries.

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