HP to operate smartcard fare system in Ireland

Irish bus system will be upgraded with smartcards

Irish bus system will be upgraded with smartcards

Hewlett Packard has won the rights to operate the Intergrated Ticketing Scheme in Ireland, reports Inside Ireland.

The Integrated Ticketing Scheme is a smartcard payment system for the public transportation system that serves thousands of commuters in Dublin. The plastic cards will provide Irish commuters with an easy, pay-as-you-go method of paying for their fares.

The contract puts HP in charge of keeping the terminals supplied with cards and running customer service for the system. It will also be responsible for setting up a point-of-sale network so commuters can buy and maintain their plastic cards.

"The introduction of integrated smart cards will be one of the most important developments in public transport in Ireland and the award of this contract goes a considerable way to achieving that," David O’Callaghan, chairman of the Integrated Ticketing Project Board, told Inside Ireland.

The project is expected to launch, on a progressive basis, later this year.

The Toronto Trade Commission’s smartcard ticketing system for public transportation is expected to be a hot election topic this year. The smartcard system would expand the existing rail lines to reach more commuters, reports the Toronto Star.

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