Georgia embraces versatile ID cards

Biometric ID cards are a significant step toward the nation's technological evolution.

Georgia embraces versatile ID cards

The nation of Georgia has adopted a new line of ID cards that will afford citizens a number of unique benefits. Legislators have elected to use a biometric-enabled product that meets international security standards and is nearly impossible to falsify.

According to the Messenger, the country's first wave of electronic ID cards was released in the city of Batumi at the beginning of the month. The versatile product can be used for a variety of services ranging from verification of insurance policies to the use of public transportation.

"This card will simplify our lives step by step so that the people won't have to go to different offices but work instead with the necessary documents online from their homes," early adopter Nino Tevidze told the news outlet.

The new cards are generally issued within ten days and cost a one-time, nominal fee. However, local legislators also hope to issue approximately 900,000 cards amongst some of the country's impoverished populations.

The biometric identity authentication features are among the most advanced in the security industry and the nationwide release of the ID cards is being framed as an important step in Georgia's technological evolution.

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