England transportation continues to get smart

England transportation continues to get smart

England transportation continues to get smart

Throughout the Black Country in England, metro conductors will soon be equipped with smartcard readers, according to the Express and Star.

Centro, the region's main transport authority, is aiming to distribute 40 hand-held machines that with a total cost of more than $400,000 to conductors to read the newly activated smartcard-based plastic cards for passengers. Each card will have a pre-paid amount on it and the scanner will deduct the travel cost of the bus or tram transit service from the card, the news source reported.

This new installation with hand-held devices is part of the $22 million project that installed more than 2,500 smartcard readers on Centro buses. Currently, the cards are only being used by pensioners who are forced to swipe their bus passes across the cards, but they will soon allow the cards to have pre-paid amounts on them. The project is expected to be completed by March 2012, according to the Express and Star.

According to Smartcard Basics, each smartcard acts in a multi-functional manner as it can act as an identification device as well as a payment card for transportation. This is especially helpful to commuters trying to quickly get on and off of the metro.

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