Electronic ID cards, passports dominated by Asian market

Electronic ID cards, passports dominated by Asian market

Electronic ID cards, passports dominated by Asian market

Asian countries are expected to use the largest amount of electronic ID cards by 2016. According to IMS Research's Government and Healthcare eID Card Opportunity Matrix, China, India, Japan and Indonesia were the top four countries expected to have the highest implementation of smartcards.

China took the number one position because of its massive citizen ID project and the ability to give all of its residents ePassports. India was ranked second because of its above-average score in implementing electronic ID cards, health cards and passports.

Non-Asian countries did not come into the rankings until positions five and six, which were held by the United States and Germany, respectively.

"Outside of this top 15 there are a number of large opportunities too," said Alex Green, the senior research director at IMS Research. “Turkey and Nigeria just failed to make the top 15, but perhaps if we were looking a little further out they may well have featured."

According to research by Acuity, the ePassport and eVisa market revenue is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of more than 27 percent from 2009 through 2014. This demonstrates that smartcard-based passports and visas are becoming more popular around the world.

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