Canadian Trucking Alliance calls for “U.S.-Canada Harmonization”

The CTA calls for standardization of transit regulationsWith the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators seeking the opinion of the Canadian Trucking Alliance on transport policy, future regulations may move towards "U.S.-Canada Harmonization" to make traveling between the countries a less complicated process.

The council made an open call for advisement on the issue of an electronic on-board recorder mandate. In the CTA’s response, which emphasized modernization and technological investments, standardization of practices related to plastic ID cards and other forms of transit documentation played an important role.

"The Canadian governments and CTA must work closely together to ensure that Canadian issues and concerns are considered and addressed in the development of the U.S. regulation," a CTA statement read. It went on to add that "the rules in both countries must be compatible. It would be extremely important that Canada and the U.S. harmonize in terms of the technology, data standards and driver identification. That way, even if there were some differences in the rules themselves, the same equipment could be used in both countries."

The Idaho Reporter recently addressed a U.S. bill put forth by local Republican Representative Phil Hart, that would restrict technological development that could be used by ID card printers to make transit identification more efficient. This may reflect his party’s agenda to increase border security procedures.

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