Brisbane settles on transit smartcard system

Brisbane, Australia has finalized the plans for its smartcard-based transit program.

Brisbane, Australia has finalized the plans for its smartcard-based transit program.

Over the course of the past few weeks, citizens have been questioning the logic behind Brisbane's plastic cards for public transportation. While the Go cards were not opposed inititally, some of the policies surrounding the ticket were questioned. The city has come to its final decision on policies, and plans to move forward on the smartcard project.

The most hotly-debated issue was the complete removal of paper tickets. While smartcards are popular, in part, because they save money on ticketing, especially when dealing with daily commuters, many wondered if short-term smartcards would meet the needs of travellers and other occasional users of the system. The city's transportation authority has heard the concerns, and will retain paper tickets instead of plastic cards for single trips.

Other major policies surrounding the transit upgrades include adding 350,000 seats to locomotives to increase capacity, increasing the discount for smartcard users and allowing pensioners and seniors to travel for free after their second trip in one day.

Developing new smartcard systems for public transit is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Currently, Bangalore and Pune in India are close to deploying smartcard systems for local rail travel. If the programs are successful, officials plan to expand them to a regional level, Sify reports.

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