Smartcards fueling health initiative

Scotland looks to implement Active Nation to help increase health.

Scotland looks to implement Active Nation to help increase health.

In a plan to back increased health drive, councillors are expected to meet later this week in Aberdeenshire, Scotland to discuss possible solutions.

The initiative, called Active Nation will include topics, such as proposals, to increase marketing for sports facilities and the Active Aberdeenshire smartcards, which allow people to access facilities more easily. The smartcard technology was released last year and has been used for 17 pools and other leisure activities. The program has gained 1,600 memberships.

“In order to encourage greater use of council leisure facilities, it will be necessary to review existing programmes to ensure people are not deterred by needing to have a certain level of skill or fitness before they can start,” said Rod Stone, head of lifelong learning and leisure for the council.

The smartcards also allow the council to track trends. The number of older citizens in the city is expected to increase, so the importance of maintaining basic levels of fitness is even more important for Aberdeenshire. The campaign is slated to launch in the spring in preparation for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

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