Ottawa, Canada, installing smart card system to streamline public transit

Ottawa, Canada, installing smart card system to streamline public transit.

Ottawa, Canada, installing smart card system to streamline public transit

The city of Ottawa will be transitioning to a virtually paperless smart card system to make riding the rails and taking the bus much easier for urban dwellers. According to the Ottawa Citizen, the OC Transpo public transport grid will use a smart card that will give riders tap-and-go functionality while reducing the paper waste that is made from printing out commuter passes month after month. The city hopes to have the new system in place by Spring 2012 so that commuters will be able to take advantage of the streamlined process.

"This is a tremendous value for customers – not having to find tickets anymore, not having lineups for bus passes," Alan Mercier, the general manager of OC Transpo, told the news source. "And it makes our lives simpler in terms of administering fare media."

The benefits of the new initiative hold many advantages for commuters who are coming and going each day. With one smart card, riders will be able to reload their cards online, by phone, and at the current ticket locations. While the city has not yet determined whether or not it will require citizens to pay for the new cards, they do have some incentive programs on the drawing board to convince commuters to switch to the more sustainable, paperless system. Riders will also still be able to pay in cash, but the city hopes that everyone will take advantage of the new smart cards to get commuters on their way faster.

One of the greatest advantages of the new smart cards is security. In the past, if you lost your monthly train pass, a lucky passerby would have free reign with it. The new smart cards will be encoded with security features, and if uses register their cards online, they can be replaced and refunded if lost. This sort of fail-safe option is ideal for commuters who invest a significant portion of their salary into their daily commute.

Businesses can take advantage of similar security precautions by using company ID cards and investing in an ID card printer. If an employee ever misplaces one of his ID cards, the company will have an in-house and cost-effective solution to the problem. In conjunction with custom lanyards and ID card holders, these facilities can increase the security of their businesses by requiring photo identification from every worker.

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