Johannesburg waste management company introduces smartcards

Johannesburg landfill sites will transition entire payment system to smartcards.

Johannesburg waste management company introduces smartcards

Pikitup, a waste management company in Johannesburg, South Africa, is introducing a new smartcard system that will replace cash payments and grant customers easier access to its four landfills.

According to the city's website, the technology will pair license plate recognition software with smartcard billing features. The project is intended to eliminate employee time wasted handling and managing cash payments. Customers are also expected to enjoy the added convenience, with the landfill's commercial clients likely seeing the greatest benefit from the new technology.

"The system enables fleet owner to view movements of their vehicles in and out of the landfill sites on the internet," Pikitup spokesperson Pansy Oyedele told the news source.

In addition to online integration, the system can also send a text message to account holders confirming the gross weight and charge associated with each vehicle, according to technology provider Opto Africa.

Business owners and city residents can apply for landfill smartcards on-site or at Pikitup's headquarters. Infrequent customers who are not interested in purchasing their own smartcard will still be issued a one-time, temporary card as the company tries to eliminate all cash payments.

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