Visa payWave being used more than ever throughout Canada

Visa payWave allows Canadians to easily purchase everyday products

Visa payWave allows Canadians to easily purchase everyday products

Consumers in Canada have begun taking advantage of new, smartcard-enabled technology.

Visa Canada recently announced that its contactless payment system, Visa payWave, was being used by more and more Canadian citizens. The number of business owners that have started accepting the cards is growing, making simple purchases faster than ever before. Instead of having to swipe a card through a machine or enter a PIN number, users of the card need only to wave their cards in front of the terminals.

"Since first introducing Visa payWave in Canada, we have seen tremendous support for this contactless technology from the merchant community, our issuers and Visa cardholders," said Mike Bradley, head of products at Visa Canada.

Customers who have the card will be able to use it at a number of heavily traveled places such as Subway restaurants, The Jean Coutu Group, Country Style and Coffee Time.

Other sectors of Canadian society are also moving toward a smartcard-enabled system.

The Winnipeg Free Press recently reported that people receiving Employment and Income Assistance in Sellinger, Canada, would soon be switching to a smartcard-enabled debit card in order to receive benefits. Family Services and Consumer Affairs Minister Gord Mackintosh told the news source that the new cards were a lot more efficient than "cheques as a method of payment."

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