Vendors in India to receive smartcards

Vendors in India will receive smartcards to deter illegal vending.

Vendors in India will receive smartcards to deter illegal vending.

In an effort to deter illegal vending in New Delhi, India, the New Delhi Municipal Council recently released a smartcard system for registered vendors.

The plastic cards cannot be duplicated and contain chips with details of the vendor’s name, registration number, expiration date and license number. More than 1,000 vendors will receive the cards, including those who sell flowers, jewelry and food in markets under the NDMC jurisdiction.

The new system will replace the old identification cards and also be issued to all employees at the NDMC headquarters. Also, the plan includes distributing the cards to schools in the area.

“We used to come across several cases of duplication by vendors in the markets of this area, so the scheme has been introduced,” said a senior NDMC official. “The smart cards can be evaluated through computers for verification.”

MarketsandMarkets recently released a report regarding the worldwide smartcard market. According to the research, smartcards are expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2015, with the telecommunications market accounting for more than half.

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