UK company launching smartcard system

A UK chemical plant company is launching a new smartcard system.

A UK chemical plant company is launching a new smartcard system.

The UK chemical company Brunner Mond is planning to release a new system of contactless smartcards for its two UK plants, according to reports.

The plastic cards will replace the paper system used for a number of processes, including employee access to certain areas. The Open Options system, provided by Crown Computing, will also be used for employees clocking in and out so the company can track their activities and locate them if an emergency arises.

Overall, the system will provide access for 500 permanent staff and 300 contractors to web browsers to view payment transactions and available vacation time.

“Improving health and safety at our plants was the primary driver for rolling out Open Options,” said Lesley Lightfoot, payroll and human resources manager at Brunner Mond. "However, we are expecting to see many additional benefits, which will have a positive impact both on our employees' working lives and on our overall business efficiency.”

Dick Clark, director of Smart Media Innovations, recently stated that smartcards may help building managers to combat the potential breakout of fires in their buildings.

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