Smaller smartcard vendors begin growing in the market

Smartcard shipments grow in Asia, Africa

Smaller smartcard vendors begin growing in the market

As the market for smartcards continues to develop, smaller Asian vendors are able to compete more fiercely with larger, traditional dominators of the market. Some small firms have been able to increase their presence in the market to 16 percent, while larger businesses have seen as much as a 5 percent drop in market share, according to ABI Research.

SIM shipments continue to be a major catalyst in the growing smart plastic cards market, as the sector is expected to grow by 17 percent by the end of 2011. African SIM shipments will also increase by 21 percent, as Indian and Middle Eastern shipments also remain healthy, ABI asserted.

"In Africa, much anticipated growth is finally being seen,” said John Devlin, a group director for security and ID at ABI. “Although there are still relatively low penetration rates, things are starting to seriously ramp up, and we expect this to continue."

According to Awoko Business, Sierra Leone is expected to introduce smartcard-based payment options for consumers throughout the country. This demonstrates that organizations that traditionally didn't use plastic cards for payments are beginning to do so.

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