National Library of Scotland introducing new smartcard system

The National Library of Scotland is introducing a new smartcard payment system

The National Library of Scotland is introducing a new smartcard payment system

New smartcard technology is coming to the National Library of Scotland, in Edinburgh, according to a recent report.

Visitors and employees will be able to use the new technology to load money onto their plastic library cards before arriving at the library. They can then use the smartcards to pay for different items, such as snacks in the library’s cafe or presents in the gift shop.

Using smartcards will provide a faster more efficient checkout process for visitors. In addition, users will be able to effectively manage their accounts securely online to make sure they always have enough money to make their purchases.

John Coll, head of access and enquiries at the library, said the new smartcard system is a “significant” benefit and he is “excited at the prospect of modernising and updating” the NLS to offer more features to staff and visitors.

Smartcards have recently surged as a go-to method for payments. Countries across the world have seen the new technology become integrated within their transit systems and businesses. Many Canadian transit stations have recently transitioned to smartcard systems to make travel easier for residents and to keep a more detailed account of ridership.

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