Laundry service providers in India agree to issue smartcards

Laundry service providers in India agree to issue smartcards.

Laundry service providers in India agree to issue smartcards.

Laundry service providers in the city of Pune, India, recently decided to issue customers smartcards, according to a report by the Times of India.

The laundry service providers decided to issue the plastic cards after housing societies complained people were posing as laundry providers to gain access to their homes.

The smartcards will be issued to 1,200 members across the city beginning May 1. For members to receive their cards, proper documents must be presented stating their profession, the article stated.

“There are about 300 illegal laundry service providers, who use domestic electricity connections for their business,” Rahul Rakshe, executive chairman of the association, told the Times of India. “These people have not registered themselves with the government. The smartcard scheme would act as identity proof for the real service provider and prevent duping of customers.”

India currently has several smartcard projects circulating. According to the Economic Times, the Haryana Social Justice and Empowerment Department recently announced that beneficiaries will receive pension payments using the plastic cards.

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