Demand for Karwa smartcards increases

The demand for Karwa smartcards in Qatar recently has increased.

The demand for Karwa smartcards in Qatar recently has increased.

After cash payments were phased out by public transit firm Mowasalat in Doha, Qatar, the company reportedly has experienced a dramatic increase for demand of its Karwa smartcards, according to the Peninsula.

The company has sold more than 100,000 of the plastic cards since its launch in November. The deadline for passengers using cash payments for buses was February 21, which was extended until March 1, and since then, demand for the smartcards has increased significantly.

The Karwa cards are currently available at the Al Ghanim bus station, as well as 60 other partner merchants. Promotions for the Karwa cards included a Samsung LCD television and raffle prizes.

“Now we have fully switched over to the cashless payment system using smartcards and it is working well,” Ahmed Al Ansari, business development director of Mowasalat, told the Peninsula.

The benefits of smartcards are not simply for transportation needs. According to Dick Clark, director of Smart Media Innovations, building managers utilizing the plastic cards may help prevent the potential breakout of fires, as well as enhanced security and safety for staff.

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