Council in India plans to issue smartcards for parking lot

A council in India plans to issue smartcards for parking lots.

A council in India plans to issue smartcards for parking lots.

The New Delhi Municipal Council in India recently decided to replace paper tickets with smartcards for Palika Parking in Connaught Place, according to the Hindustan Times.

The plastic cards will be similar to the Metro smartcards used by commuters and can be reloaded with money based on a single parking period to a monthly basis.

According to an NDMC official, the new system will capture a picture of the vehicle entering the parking lot, which is stored on a computer. Passengers exiting the parking lot must present the smartcard to officials who will check if the picture of the car and card match.

“At present, we have started the trial system under which the smartcards are being used,” a senior NDMC official told the Hindustan Times. “We will monitor it for a few more days, and then by the end of the month it should be in place completely.”

Laundry service providers in India are also planning to utilize smartcards. The plastic cards are set to be launched in Pune beginning in May to help deter people from posing as laundry providers in order to gain access to housing societies.

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