Community boaters now need ID cards

Boaters will need to carry plastic ID cards or face fines

Boaters will need to carry plastic ID cards or face fines

Boaters without proper IDs are about to be in for a big shock in one Canadian community.

Boaters in Petersborough, Canada, will soon be forced to carry a plastic ID card or face a stiff penalty, the Petersborough Examiner recently reported. Instead of simply receiving the warning that many have become accustomed to, boaters will now be forced to pay a $250 penalty for failure to carry the ID card.

Boaters who were born after April 1, 1983, were the first people forced to get the cards in addition to people with boats under four meters, reports the news source. The process to obtain the ID takes about 20 minutes and tests applicants’ knowledge of water rules and safety techniques, including what equipment is necessary to carry on a boat and how to pick the correct life jacket, the newspaper reported.

"If your sailboat has an engine on it, you need the card," said Cameron Taylor, president of Boat Smart Canada, in an interview with the Examiner. "We want to see boaters have the knowledge to go out and be safe on the water."

Plastic ID cards, like ones used in Petersborough, can often be an added level of security for communities. By verifying people’s identity and making sure they have the proper credentials, members of communities often feel better about who comes and goes.

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