17 EU states have mandatory ID card policies

Eight EU nations have introduced smartcard IDs for citizens

Eight EU nations have introduced smartcard IDs for citizens

A new report on how states in the European Union implement ID cards has found 17 countries have made national ID cards mandatory for their citizens, while only four have not, Security Document World reports.

Of the 17 countries, 13 use traditional plastic ID cards and eight have introduced new smartcard technology. Smartcards feature an embedded chip that can store more detailed information, making them a stronger security tool than conventional IDs.

Smartcards can also include biometric information, which currently is one of the strongest security mechanisms available for governments to defend against counterfeit plastic cards. Of the eight countries that use smartcards, Belgium, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and Sweden are the only ones that have introduced biometric data on to them, the report relays.

Countries across the globe have introduced smart card technology to improve safety and convenience for residents. Canada was one of the leading adopters of biometric passports, using the technology to ensure more oversight and security within its borders.

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